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Let’s get to work building America’s clean energy future.

Rebuilding American Manufacturing

In order to Fuel the Economic Recovery the President’s plan invests in American-made clean energy, restoring the backbone of our country by creating hundreds of thousands of new, good-paying jobs in American Manufacturing.

Jobs for Veterans

Veterans are building successful businesses and careers in clean energy all over the country President Biden’s Build Back Better plan supports American clean energy businesses that invest in America’s heroes. Let’s ensure our country is the world leader in this booming energy sector.

America’s veterans are leading the way in building and deploying American-made clean energy technology. The President’s plan would double down on their victories to keep our country and our climate safe while securing the jobs of the future. Please join us on this mission through the Veterans Energy Project.

– Ray Mabus
Former Secretary of the Navy and Advisory Board Chair, Veterans Energy Project

Made in America to Protect America

By deploying American-made clean energy technology we will help ensure we don’t have to depend on foreign oil to power our country any longer.

Developing and deploying American-made clean energy means we can grow our economy without having to rely on foreign oil, or contribute to the climate crisis and natural disasters that are fueling conflict around the world. I’m excited to be a part of a group that is working to secure jobs for our veterans and a safer future for our country.

– Partick Murphy
Former United States Congressman and Iraq War Veteran

An Economic Recovery for All

The strength of America’s military is in our diversity and unity In order to secure the future of every community we must invest in inclusive, equitable economic growth and jobs in the communities that need them the most, and guarantee an economic recovery that works for everyone.